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Currently Patent Manager in Danish C20 indexed company counting +10.000 employees and a complex corporate structure with dozens of daughter companies, a diverse product portfolio and global activities both in terms of markets and company structure. My focus professionally is strategic and dynamic portfolio optimization, Cost reductions, Improvement of portfolio management through advanced IT systems, Corporate IP awareness and Winner mentality.

I come from a background in engineering physics and a PhD in Physics from the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Since then I have been involved in IP management first as IPR consultant in Copenhagen- based IPR consultancy houses and thereafter for several years worked with IP management in the industry.


I have for several years advised start-up companies in IPR related matters as panel member in the Danish business network Connect Denmark pro bono and have a profound interest in both the start-up phase of new technologies as well as improved commercialization in more mature and advanced technologies. Currently I'm furthermore associated with commercialization mentoring and PhD mentoring schemes on both the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Copenhagen (KU).




I have a broad IPR background and will enjoy giving talks concerning smaller or bigger subjects within the field of IPR. Below I have mentioned a few examples.

Enforcement strategies

Global Patent Congress 2016

Brussels, September 27, 2016


Enforcement strategies in large corporations - the synergies of portfolio optimizations.

IP Awareness schemes


Employee IP awareness is tricky no matter how big a company may be, so creating awareness from scratch or developing awareness at a high level requires tedious efforts.

Portfolio Optimization


Portfolio optimization and alignment with product and business strategies are crucial to success and wrong paths may generate critical problems or waste vast amounts of money.

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IPR Manager, Strategic patenting, PhD Physics, Speaker.


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